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our mission

Theatre of Eternal Values is an International theatre company, dedicated to telling stories that enlighten and inspire. Through a uniquely collective approach, we develop and perform radiant theatre to touch the heart and open the mind. Before each rehearsal and performance, we meditate together - and this connection and deepened awareness inspires everything we create.

our vision

We envision a theatre, and a theatre training, that is heart-based and spontaneous. We explore universal, eternal values: innocence, justice, courage, compassion, the capacity to forgive.  We believe in the sacredness of the shared space between actor and audience.  In that space, we invoke laughter, discovery and collective recognition of ourselves and our world.

We commit to our responsibility as artists: to hold up not just a mirror, but a lamp.  To learn from and listen to people of all generations, backgrounds and cultures, and honour their experience in the stories we tell.  And, ultimately, we commit to make theatre that will face, announce, and manifest truth.

our work

With bases both in Europe and the Americas, TEV uses ensemble techniques to create new work and reinvent classic plays which integrate many art forms, including live music, dance, puppetry, exquisite costumes and visual art.  We develop our plays through intensive rehearsals and then tour them internationally for months or even years, while offering accompanying workshops.

To learn more about current touring productions, go here, and to discover our vibrant history of past productions, go here!
We recently launched a series of video-theatre projects, along with documentaries in celebration of our 25th year anniversary.Discover these video productions, here!

TEV is also renowned for diverse and engaging training programs. Under the umbrella of the NirmalArts Academy, founded in Italy in 2006, we bring together artists and students from around the world to train in the beautiful foothills of Cabella Ligure, Italy, culminating in the joyous Culture of the Spirit Festival.
We have also launched many online arts courses, broadcasting from Europe and America.
Explore our arts training here!

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