Becoming a member of Theatre of Eternal Values International, means being part of a cultural initiative operating across-borders, bringing people of different backgrounds together through the universal language of art in its broadest and most collaborative sense.

Theatre of Eternal Values International APS, is a registered non-profit organisation in compliance with Italian and EU rules for the third sector.

Members will be the first to know about upcoming shows, concerts and events and attend courses and workshops with artists in person and online (Nirmalarts Academy).

To become a member, please fill in the application form below.
The membership fee is 30 € per calendar year.

How to pay:

The membership fee can be paid by bank transfer or Paypal.
The transfer receipt should be uploaded together with your personal details (scroll down to begin the process)

Bank Account details:
Theatre of Eternal Values APS
Filiale di Vignole Borbera
IBAN: IT72N0538748710000042201991

Current account number: 3198 - 042201991

Reason for the payment / Causale: 2023 Annual membership / Quota Sociale Anno 2023

NB: if you can't upload documents please send them via email:
Leggi in italiano


TEV International APS

President: Victor Vertunni Di Albanella
Secretary: Damiano Stabile
Treasurer: Tiziana Santaniello
Vice-President: Maxim Vertunni Di Albanella
Councilor: Cinzia Scolari
Artistic Director: Monia Giovannangeli

TEV America

President: Calin Costian
Treasurer: Steve Wollenberger
Secretary: Isabel Costian
Artistic Director: Poornima Kirby
Managing Director: Stephanie Wein
Victor Vertunni
Victoria Zbylut

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