Sergio Otero "Ksiloco"


Sergio Otero was born in Venezuela in 1965 and learned about pantomime and mime at the age of 17 from his uncle and colleague Nacho Otero and other masters such as Julio Ferro, Justin Case, the great Marcel Marceau and finally Jango Edwards. Beyond the countless collaborations with other artists and companies in the fields of street theatre (on stilts, percussion, dance, events), theatre and puppetry, classical and contemporary dance, comic magic and music, it has always been mime-clowns that have captured his heart and given shape to his creations. In fact, alone or in company, Sergio Otero 'Ksiloco' has presented in Venezuela and Colombia, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom and Canada, various shows, performances and educational activities of theatre and body expression for children and adults, an area in which he has been able to develop his own method that brings together - in addition to the techniques listed above - music therapy (graduated in Spain in 2010) and laughter therapy (2006-2010). He has also trained with Indian tabla master Vikas Tripathi, graduated in music therapy with Daniel Terán (reference point for various Music Therapy Associations) and the Mayeusis Foundation, and collaborated among others with Unicef (Christmas mime concerts) and the DEVI Foundation (educational theatres for schools).

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