Gita Pattison

Performer, Digital Marketing

Born in Cologne, Germany, Gita began studying theatre in 1989, quickly establishing a reputation as a stand-up comedian. Later she moved on to more serious roles such as Martha in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf and Mephisto in Goethe's Faust.

In 1995 she travelled to Nagpur, India and studied Indian classical music. She then returned to Europe and participated in the creation of TEV and has since then been a driving force behind the group. Their first production, The Imaginary Invalid, in which Gita played 'Toinette', was performed for over two years across seven European countries and in India. Back in Europe, Gita moved to Vienna and began studying theatre improvisation with the u.r.theater and directed a tour production for the Viennese Boys' Choir. To date she has directed six tour productions for this world renowned choir. In 2000 she joined the second international TEV production, Mozart's The Magic Flute, not only as the 'Third Boy' but also as the Director's Assistant.

In February, 2001, Gita moved to Canada where she had leading parts in Neil Simon’s God's Favourite, the musical Snoopy, the North American classic A Christmas Story and in several TEV Canada productions: Faust, Blah-Di-Dha Film Festival, Veni Vedi Whatever and the audio productions, The Light Princess and Alicia and the Little Star.

TEV Canada merged with TEV US in 2021 and is now TEV America. Gita co-created and performed in the first production of the merger “Lucy and the Thoughts”. Due to COVID, the play has been revamped as a video play and premiered Nov.26, 2021.

Gita also performed until 2021 regularly with Theatre on the Edge, an improvisation theatre group in her home town Waterloo, Ontario and keeps her improv skills sharp by attending several improv programs with The Making Box, Angewandte Improvisation and numerous workshops with other improv troupes. She also enjoys teaching the “art of failing” at the annual Nirmal Arts Academy in Canajoharie, NY.

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