Didier Lamothe

Performer, Musician

Born in the South of France, Didier has played in the company of the jazzman Bernard Lubat. In Paris, he studied harmony, arrangement and instrumentation which he uses when playing solo as well as whilst recording for other artists.

With TEV, he composed and played the music for their first production of Molière‘s The Imaginary Invalid and toured with them for over two years.  He has also contributed to other TEV projects including the soundtrack for TEV Canada’s Faust and teaches at the annual summer Nirmal Arts Academy in Italy, where he creates children’s’ songs and proposes performances that combine chansons and improvisations.

He has a huge passion for Latin music which has lead him to play with various Brazilian bands and he is a master of many instruments including: Accordion, harmonica, keyboards, vocals, drums/percussion.

For more info: http://didierlamothe.blogspot.com

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