Monia Giovannangeli

Artistic Director, Performer, Writer, Director

After training as a classical dancer at the Accademia di Danza, Rome, Monia continued her training with Teatro Danza Contemperaneo, specialising in the Martha Graham technique. In the field of contemporary dance, her artistic experience was further enriched by studies, in Italy and abroad, with internationally renowned dance teachers such as Merce Cunnigham and Mischa Van Hoek. She then continued her theatre training with Catherine Gruyer in the Le Coq method.

Since 1994, Monia has been conducting theatre and dance theatre workshops, in Italy and around Europe, adding the role of teacher to those of director, actor and choreographer. Having staged numerous successful theatre shows, in which she also participated as a performer, Monia, together with other artists from around Europe, devoted her energy to establishing Theatre of Eternal Values (TEV) in 1996. This project has seen her tour Europe, the US and Asia as actor, director, choreographer and author. She is artistic director of the Culture of the Spirit Festival, which was established in Italy in 2008 and which, since 2013, has held editions in the US and China. As an author, Monia has adapted a number of works such as the Mahabharata, The Ramayana and The Divine Comedy for the stage. Following her successful theatrical adaptation of Maura Pizzorno's historical novel, Catherine the Great of Russia (produced by Cantiere Simone Weil, Piacenza 2015), Monia undertook the writing of Shakespeare’s Women.  In 2017 her play, Ali (Wings), inspired by Anton Chekhov's novel, ‘Ward 6’, was centered on mental health and performed with an all female cast.  Two more of her plays have since been performed at the Festival Teatro e Oltre in Piacenza, Italy: Le vergini giurate, based on the sworn virgins of Albania, and Bella io, bella tu, a comedy about the meaning of beauty.

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