Sandra Sinha

Performer, Choreographer

Born and brought up in Bogota, Colombia, Sandra now calls Connecticut, USA home. She is a trained contemporary dancer and an accomplished choreographer.

Her fascination with movement and its role in different art forms comes from her studies in physical education and is what defines her as an artist. She also has a specialization in Cultural management. Inspired by east-west fusion, her compositions transcend genre – ballet, jazz, tap, Salsa, Colombian folk dance, or Indian classical dance. Some of her major compositions include – ‘Microcosm’ (2003) based on the documentary Microcosm, ‘Dance in Film’ (2004) collection of the most famous musicals in the history of cinema, ‘BOTERIA’ (2005) tribute to the work of Fernando Botero, ‘Comings and goings’ (2006) construction of the city from displacement, ‘MACONDO’s WOMEN’. (2007) abstraction from feminine archetype the work of 'One Hundred Years of Solitude', ‘Tribute to planet earth’ (2008), ‘Universes’ - Japanese Tale in relation to human imagination from their relationship with the stars (2009), ‘WINGS TO FLY’ - a reflection on who we are and what we Latin Americans seem to be (2010).

In collaboration with the government of Colombia, she developed the technical evaluation criterions for upcoming dancers and served as a national official evaluator for 2 years. In collaboration with the Secretary of Education of Colombia, she was responsible for advising schools in Arts and development of arts curriculum. She also taught dance for over a decade to all age groups.

She is one of the founding members of the first contemporary dance company (Mutanza DEC) in Colombia (1999) and in 2012, she founded ‘Shradha’, a dance group dedicated to giving self-realization through dance. She was a core member of the design team for the ‘Technician in Dance and Expression’ program (2013) and ‘Technologist program in stage production for dance’ (2014) for SENA (Physical Activity and Culture Training Center).

She co-created and choreographed ‘’Lone Wolf and the workshop performance of ‘Introspection’ Play at the Nirmal Arts Academy in Canajoharie, New York.

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