Elena Agarwal


Elena is a videographer, video editor and photographer based in Maryland, USA. She was born and raised in Russia. After graduation from Ural State University Journalism school, she pursued a career in TV and documentary film production. Elena occupied several different positions at Media Holding of the major Russian car manufacturer AUTOVAZ. For 10 years she worked there as a news reporter/producer, live-shows co-author/host/producer, editor for commercials, documentaries and short films, documentary films and TV series writer/director. Elena worked as a foreign correspondent producing news coverage for Mondial de l’automobile (International motor show in Paris, France 2003), IAA (International motor show in Frankfurt, Germany, 2004), Kyiv International Car Expo (Ukraine,2002), MIAS (Moscow International Automobile Salon, Russia,2001).  She got her certificates from the school of TV excellence at the Moscow Central House of journalism (class of Vladimir Pozner), Moscow Museum of Cinema (script writing class of Alexander Mitta) and London Film Academy (Introduction to filmmaking).  

In 2006 she moved to the USA and returned to video production as a freelancer in 2011.  Since then, she has been involved in productions of promotional videos, documentary films and short films. She graduated from intensive short film directing and cinematography courses at The New York Film Academy and works as a photographer for NIH. She produced, filmed and edited “Days at Canajoharie” for the non-profit organization Sahaja Yoga Meditationan and wrote and directed the short film “The cup of Tea". In 2021 she joined TEV America as the editor for the video play  “Lucy and the Thoughts”.  

Films and TV series: “The Picnic” (Experimental film, Russia),“Left-handed” (Short film, Russia), “Grande Capa”(Documentary film, Russia), “Eden” (Documentary film, Russia), “Just About The War” (TV series, Russia), “Radio as a Style of Life” (TV series, Russia), Day At Canajoharie (Documentary film, USA), The Table (Short film, USA), The Charger (Short film, Russia/USA), “Canajoharie, the Land Of Virata” (Documentary film, USA), “The Mask” and “When Shri Shiva Dances” (Student short films, USA).

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