Emma Turley

Performer, Musician

Emma Turley won a scholarship to the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, in Glasgow where she studied cello performance. After graduating from there, she spent a few months in Nagpur, India studying vocal music therapy with the late Dr Arun Apte. Since then she has been teaching cello, assisting musical workshops for children, performing and singing in and around UK, and has been touring Europe as cellist and vocalist with the Theatre of Eternal Values, for their production of Shakespeare’s Women for which she co-composed the music.

Emma has also collaborated with The Divine Symphony Orchestra in several TEV productions including ‘Breath of the Earth’, ‘Maria Mahalaxmi’ and for their Culture of the Spirit festival: ‘Kumbah’, ‘Germinate’ and ‘The Garden of Love’.  Now living in Stockholm she continues to perform and develop her musical and creative skills.

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