Ann Kristine Pearson


A child actress under her mother's direction (college plays in mid-west USA stage and local tv productions), Kristine moved with her parents to Tanzania and acted in plays in the local Little Theatre (Arusha, Tanzania). Later, she studied concert piano and drama (Wittenberg University, USA), acting in various productions, among them the role of Hecuba in Euripides’s The Trojan Women. In Canada, she acted in formal play development workshops and productions (Factory Theatre Lab; Theatre Passe Muraille). In her M.A. Degree (Theatre, University of Toronto), she was inspired by the spiritual perspective of medieval Noh theatre, with its combination of music, chant and exceptional movement highlighting the inner being of a character and story, rather than detailed biographical content.

She was happy to be a part of the TEV production of Goethe's FAUST in the Edinburgh Film Festival and, locally, in Toronto, the Blah-Di-Dha Film Festival, Veni Vedi Whatever and the audio theatre production The Light Princess. She has participated as an actor in a script development workshop for TEV America, and is currently working on scripts for possible public production or personal performance arts.  Aside from script development work, she has been busy taking formal music classes (piano and vocal) and is currently developing a personal project on Shakespearean texts which she hopes to record over the next few years.

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