Carl Johan "Haggis" Haggman

Performer, Musician

Haggis is a composer and musician from Helsinki, specialized in various ethnic percussion instruments and film music composition. After studying philosophy at Helsinki University his musical research led him to Turkey, the Caribbean, South America and Greenland, which resulted in music studies and a program series for the Finnish Broadcasting Company. 

Haggis has been collaborating with many dancers, actors and directors in numerous theatres and institutes in Finland (Finnish National theatre, Helsinki City Theatre, Q-theatre, Raatikko, Sibelius Academy etc.). His music has been heard in many theatre plays as well as dance productions and films.

As an artist Haggis is a long-standing music and performing arts professional. In his career, since the 1980s, he has performed in hundreds of theatre, dance and music performances as composer, actor and art teacher at institutes such as the Theatre Academy. In addition to music he also works in graphics, film, photography and journalism.

One line of his work is composing music and video-editing. He composed music for documentary films by the renowned Finnish director Lasse Naukkarinen about the unique East Finnish Karelian culture as well as the state of Kerala in South India.

Carl Johan Haggman has been involved in developing and establishing “Namaste” – a multicultural dance theatre performance and workshop concept for children and youth run by Marja Merisalo. The workshops and their performances have toured widely in the Helsinki metropolitan area, in Finland and abroad for 15 years with themes spanning from Karelian, Saami and Indian mythologies.

Haggis is specialized in world music and his main instrument is percussion. Häggman has extensive international experience and has performed in the USA, Russia, across Europe and the Middle East. Haggis joined TEV as a musician/ actor in 2008 for the productions William Blake’s Divine Humanity and  Eternity in An Hour. He also plays in different world-music, jazz, and various orchestras as a musician.

For more info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carl-Johan_H%C3%A4ggman

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