Victor Vertunni

Founder, Performer, Singer, Songwriter

A London-born actor, singer and voiceover artist, Victor Vertunni’s warm and authoritative voice is truly unique. From a neutral BBC newscaster to the voice of corporate trust; a spell-binding wizard in a children’s show to a balladeer poet on stage, Victor’s range and versatility have made him a popular vocal artist and performer worldwide.

An accomplished composer, singer and actor, Victor graduated with honours in Theatre Studies at UEA (UK), to co-found the Theatre of Eternal Values, an international-touring theatre ensemble.
A regular performer in stage productions across Europe, China and USA, Victor’s music compositions for William Blake’s Divine Humanity’ and its touring spin-off, Eternity in an Hour, were acclaimed on London’s West End and featured at the 2008 International Arts Festival in Helsinki, the 2010 New York International Fringe Theatre Festival and the World Council of UNESCO CLUBS in Lucca.

His 2011 album, Songs of Innocence and of Experience, based on the poetry of English mystic, William Blake, met with rave reviews; Italy’s premier music website, Rockerilla, calling it a "masterpiece of musical invention". The song Ah! Sun-flower features in the soundtrack of the award winning motion picture The Italian Key (2011).

Victor currently plays the title role in Monia Giovannangeli’s Shakespeare’s Women, directed by Eric Loren, and narrated and sang in musical productions at World Expo 2015 in Milan. His new album, Children of The Future Age with band, Voice of the Deep, was officially released in 2019.

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