Eternity In An Hour

Eternity in an Hour is an exploration of the life and genius of revolutionary artist and poet William Blake, who is recognised today as one of the greatest artists Britain has ever produced.

This vibrant touring production, written by Tim Bruce and devised by the ensemble, brings William Blake’s unique visionary genius vividly to life onstage by interweaving biographical scenes with his poems, paintings and imagery; including a re-staging of William Blake’s controversial 1809 exhibition (Tate Britain 2009). The show incorporates live music, singing, physical theatre and contemporary dance - Blake’s story in his own words.

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Blake is born into an earthly world of 18th Century London, yet one filled with spirits and angels and the indomitable power of the human imagination. As he grows to be a man, he battles against poverty and the social wrongs of industrialised England. He masters the arts of drawing, painting, engraving and poetry to become a revolutionary hero, rousing up the artistic youth of London to throw away artifice and be true to their own imaginations.

Featured characters

The Bard
William Blake
Catherine Blake
Mrs. Boucher
Rev. Mathew
Sir Joshua Reynolds


Type of show

Actors’ theatre in English, suitable for all ages

Running time

70 minutes

Actors on stage

7 actors  and musicians play nineteen roles.

Minimum technical requirements

8 x 6 m stage space, two wings, mains electricity, but can even be performed on smaller stages, Fly tower, sound system.


Full lighting rig with high powered projector.

Get in

Access is required from 10am on the day of performance.

Set Strike time

One hour.


On request.



Tim Bruce


Eric Loren

Original Cast

The Bard/Sir Joshua Reynolds/Wolf - Victor Vertunni
William Blake/Dog - Tim Bruce
Mrs. Boucher/Fox/Jones/Angel - Nicolette van 't Hek
Robert/musician - Leo Vertunni
Catherine Blake/Jerusalem/Angel - Monia Giovanangeli
Angel/Cat/Sarah Boucher/Lady - Marja Merisalo
Percussionist/Basire/Rev. Mathew - Carl Johan Häggman

Original music

Victor Vertunni
Andreas van Engelen
Tim Bruce
Deborah Eckman
Carl-Johan Häggman


Leo Vertunni
Carl Johan Häggman

Stage and lighting design

Maxim Vertunni


Monia Giovanangeli
Marja Merisalo


Marianne Schulz

Review quotes

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