Lucy and the Thoughts

Have you ever had a “thinking meditation”? You know, where you’re supposed to be blissed out and silent, but instead your thoughts are like, “Hello, welcome, let us discuss everything ever!”.  Well, Lucy (our protagonist) certainly has. And she’s ready to do battle with her (talkative, bubble-blowing) thoughts.

An original play initially created through improvisation with students at the Nirmal Arts Academy, and then devised developed and adapted into a video-play by the performers. Lucy and the Thoughts is a funny, heart-felt, and sharp look at the inner battles of a meditator who is ready for the ‘next phase’.

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On stage

TEV's first original video-play production, Lucy and the Thoughts premiered as a streamable video in November 2021, followed by a series of live talk-back with the artists. By popular demand, the streaming window was extended for a month following the premiere!

TEV is now exploring options to submit this play to festivals, and will soon have a video platform where you can rent and view it online.

video content


Lucy, who has meditated her whole life, wants to be steady, steadfast – like a sailor who steers by the North Star. She’s done getting knocked off course by the chatter of her thoughts. But before her journey is over, she will have to face herself, mend a broken relationship, and – hardest of all – ask for help.

Featured characters

Thought of the Future
Thought of the Past
Lucy's sister Melissa


Type of show

Video play

Running time

30 minutes

Actors on stage

3 actors


Pay what you can.






Original Cast

Lucy - Poornima Kirby
Thought of the Past/ Melissa - Julie Mandal
Thought of the Future/ Plumber - Gita Pattison


Elena Agrawal


Prasanna Kumar - Gita Pattison


Nishi Pashnina

Stage and lighting design




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