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A theatrical journey that began with a theatre therapy process, generating elements of narrative, stories and work that became performances. An important experience and work on oneself that gave us the opportunity to process emotional situations and personal experiences. A unique collection of stories of people who have had different yet similar experiences, because what we experience individually can also be found in others, thus creating the empathy that makes us understand how we are all both different and wonderfully alike at the same time. The desire to find ourselves and each other again, to regain ownership of our experiences and to discover that being human means communicating and, above all, telling stories. 

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Director and Author

Monia Giovannangeli


Adele Bisazza
Stefano Calore
Flavia Cataldo
Giuseppe Flace
Bibiana Maffi
Flamina Maradini
Sabrina Melone

Stage and lighting design

Maxim Vertunni

performance history

13 November 2021
Teatro San Matteo

20 June 2021
Palazzo Ghizzoni Nasalli

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No items found.
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