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Beautiful me Beautiful you

A comedy about the meaning of beauty. 

Beauty is the theme around which the stories of a group of friends and colleagues in the world of theatre revolve. Lives intertwined by a common sense of inability to accept themselves and the constant aspiration to be different. 

More talented, more beautiful, simply...more. "But if you  squeeze and  squeeze, the balloon bursts", says Amy; an unheard voice, an invisible presence, struggling to discover reality. 

In this dramatic and entertaining show, the characters are confronted with one of the prime aspirations of our society: beauty, but also with the issue of their own identity. 

Do we know who we are or do we still have to find out? We run after standards of living that are too limited and never make us happy. What is beauty? Above all, where can we find true beauty? 

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Director and Author

Monia Giovannangeli


Bibiana Maffi
Flaminia Maradini
Giuseppe Flace
Stefano Salvaggio
Flavia Cataldo
Cecilia Boledi

Stage and lighting design

Maxim Vertunni

performance history

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