Hero & Zero

In a hilarious twist of fate, Eric's Ego and Superego leap from the recesses of his mind to take center stage in his life! Meet Hero and Zero, the dynamic duo wreaking havoc on Eric's sanity. From hijacking his thoughts to orchestrating chaos in his everyday routine, Eric finds himself entangled in a whirlwind of comedic mayhem. Can he outwit these mischievous manifestations and reclaim control of his own destiny? Join Eric on a side-splitting journey of self-discovery in this uproarious tale of ego, identity, and the absurdity of the human psyche.

Hero & Zero won the award for best In-House production by the city of Vienna in 2008.

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Eric's ordinary morning took a surreal turn when he awoke to find his Ego and Superego not nestled within his mind, but rather perched on his bed, taking the form of two distinct personalities. Meet Hero and Zero, the unexpected houseguests orchestrating chaos in Eric's life. Suddenly, every absurd notion and conflicting impulse that once quietly stewed in Eric's psyche now materializes before him in the form of these two characters, turning his world topsy-turvy.

Caught in a whimsical battle of wills, Eric finds himself unwittingly ensnared in their antics, as Hero and Zero pull the strings, determined to befuddle, distract, and manipulate him at every turn. From navigating his morning routine to grappling with life's bigger decisions, Eric becomes the unwitting pawn in their comedic escapades.

In this uproarious play, we follow Eric through a day-in-the-life as he strives to reclaim control amidst the uproarious antics of Hero and Zero. As they spin their web of mischief, Eric's journey becomes a quest to reconnect with the only genuine aspect of his existence - his true self. Through laughter and absurdity, this tale explores the profound struggle for self-awareness and authenticity in a world overrun by the whims of the ego and the demands of the superego.


Type of show

Actors’ theatre, available in English and German language, suitable for all ages.

Running time

90 minutes

Actors on stage

Four actors.

Minimum technical requirements

8 x 6 m stage space, two wings, mains electricity, but can even be performed on smaller stages, Fly tower, sound system.


Full lighting rig.

Get in

Access is required from 10 am on the day of performance.

Set Strike time

One hour.


On request.



Steve Jones


Elfriede Schüsseleder

Original Cast

Zero - Eva Maria Neubauer
Hero - Vanessa Payer-Kumar
Erik - Werner Landsgesell
His cleaning Lady - Christina Trefny

Stage and lighting design

Marianne Schulz

Review quotes

I is you and also the one over there.

And at some point, the Yes and the No sit personally on his bedside. Author Steve Jones calls them Hero & Zero, and they make their owner's life hell. The three of them share the complicated Ego....

Der Standard,15.1.2008

Difficult self-discovery

A brilliantly crafted comedy by British author Steve Jones, presented in a meticulous and imaginative production by Elfriede Schüsseleder. Every gesture from the actors is spot-on. The brilliant quartet of performers showcases a range from zany to contemplative, while the musical and dance numbers are executed flawlessly....

Wiener Zeitung, 25.1.2008

performance history
(country, theatres)

10 - 26/01/2008
Theater in der Drachengasse /Bar u.Co.
Vienna, Austria


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