In this comedic portrayal inspired by real-life events, we follow the journey of a determined yogi on a quest to attain the elusive state of thoughtless awareness, much to the chagrin of his mischievous Ego and Superego, who are determined to derail his efforts with a barrage of distractions.

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One serene morning, a yogi awakens to the gentle embrace of dawn, ready to delve into meditation. Yet, his journey to inner peace takes an unexpected turn as his Ego and Superego detach from his mind, becoming unwelcome gatekeepers to tranquility.

The yogi's path is hindered by his unruly companions: the Superego, mischievous and full of wild ideas, and the Ego, prim and judgmental. Frustrated, he wonders if there's anyone who could assist him. Then, a realization dawns: can't he simply ask for help?


Type of show

Actors’ theatre, English, suitable for all ages.

Running time

45 minutes

Actors on stage

Four actors.

Minimum technical requirements

8 x 6 m stage space, two wings, mains electricity, but can even be performed on smaller stages, Fly tower, sound system.


Full lighting rig.

Get in

Access is required from 10 am on the day of performance.

Set Strike time

One hour.


On request.



Steve Jones



Original Cast

The Yogi - Boris Hanreich

The Superego - Eva Maria Neubauer

The Ego - Vanessa Payer-Kumar

The Spirit - Christina Trefny

Stage Design

Boris Hanreich


Petra Schmidt

Costumes and Make Up

Axinia Samailova

Review quotes

performance history
(country, theatres)

10 - 26/01/2006
Off Theater
Vienna, Austria

03 - 05/06/2006
Stadt Initiative Theater
Vienna, Austria


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