"Theatre of Eternal Values" allows 9 storytellers and actors to cast a fresh look on the timeless tales of our childhood. Dorthe Rose Svastha ensures a translation that stays as close to the genius of the original as possible. The actors indulge in the old tradition of calm storytelling as well as lively moments of uninhibited playfulness. A delight for adults and (not-so-little) children alike.

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"He primarily unveiled the face of Denmark to the world, but he did not just speak and write in his country's language; he spoke the language understood and reciprocated worldwide: the language of the human heart."

(Victor Schmitz)


Type of show

Actors’ theater in German, suitable for ages 10 and up.

Running time

60 minutes

Actors on stage

9 actors.

Minimum technical requirements

8 x 6 m stage space, two wings, mains electricity, but can even be performed on smaller stages, sound system.


Full lighting rig.

Get in

Access is required from 10 am on the day of performance.

Set Strike time

One hour.


On request.



Dorthe Holst Rose Svastha


Dorthe Holst Rose Svastha

Vanessa Payer-Kumar

with material from Hans Christian Andersen


Reinhardt Winter

Original Cast

Boris Hanreich

Christina Trefny

Dorthe Holst Rose Svastha

Eva Maria Neubauer

Georg Alscher

Margot Vuga

Miriam  Garscha

Reinhardt Winter

Vanessa Payer-Kumar

Review quotes

performance history
(country, theatres)

26 - 28/11/2005
Vienna, Austria


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