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NirmalArts Summer Academy 2022

July 2022

19 Jul 2022

19 Jul 2022 - 28 Jul 2022

Cabella Ligure


We are overjoyed to welcome you again to experience artistic creation and the enlightened culture of the spirit in the heavenly surroundings of Cabella. We deeply thank Shri Mataji for her inspiration, guidance and patronage.

The academy will be followed by the Culture of the Spirit Festival on 30-31 July.

Meals and sleeping accommodation will be available at the camp. There will be place to set up your own tent if you wish.

The Academy fees (↓see below) will cover the classes and transportation to the different venues.

Meals and accommodation will be paid separately to Casa Madre.

As always you can take as many classes as you have time for, but when you register, we ask you to indicate your three favourite ones.

Courses & Workshops








A meeting to present the courses and teachers will be held on Monday, 18 July  at 11 am in the Nirmal Temple. All students are required to be present and we will help you plan your class schedule

Academy Fees & TEV Association Membership

The Nirmal Arts Academy is run by Theatre of Eternal Values International, a non-profit association (APS), in accordance with Italian regulations. Therefore, participation in the Academy requires  association membership and the contribution of a yearly membership fee of 30 euro (not included in tuition fees). Read more

Academy tuition fees

300 euro for 10 days / 30 euro per day (Adults)
250 euro for 10 days / 25 euro per day (students)
150 euro for 10 days / 15 euro per day (for children up to 10 years*)

Food will be provided by Casa Madre

18 euro per day (Adults)
15 euro per day (students)
10 euro per day (child from 6 years)

Separate meals

7 euro - Lunch or dinner (Adults)
4 euro - Breakfast (Adults)

6 euro - lunch or dinner (students)
3 euro - breakfast (students)

4 euro - lunch or dinner (child from 6 years)
2 euro - breakfast ( child from 6 years)


World Centre Camp:  
accommodation in collective tents and use the facilities at the SY World Centre camp (you are invited to make a voluntary donation at the reception desk)

Albergo Posta in Cabella:
for information and bookings :


Notes on membership

* Children need not pay the membership fee if a parent or guardian is a registered member of the TEV INT Association.

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