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Acoustic guitar and slide-guitar and ragas on guitar
Rhitom Sarkar

Monday - Once a week
18:00-19:15 (CET)
Starting: 06 Nov 2023
Nov 06, 2023


My course will cover fundamental playing techniques for Acoustic and Slide Guitar. This includes understanding scales, learning and applying chords, practicing left and right-hand techniques, working with chromatic scales, cross-picking, and alternate picking. Additionally, the course delves into Indian classical music concepts, providing knowledge of Ragas, a detailed understanding of their nuances, and guidance on playing compositions and Taans. Students will also explore the concept of Tala, learn how to play Sahaja Bhajan, gain an understanding of musical notation, and bridge their knowledge of Indian music with Western music.


With over a decade of teaching experience, Rhitom has instructed in various institutions, including NA DHIN DHIN NA Institute, Sangit Sadhna Sansthan, Kklavandita Academy, and Binapani Sangeet Vidyapith. He conducts music workshops, lecture demonstrations, and prepares students for examinations and competitions. He also worked as a casual recordist at All India Radio and currently serves as a guitar faculty at Fort William, Military campus. Over the past decade, he has been teaching Indian classical music online to students across India, USA, UK, Australia, Japan, and Canada.

Began guitar training at age nine under Pt. Debashish Bhattacharya, continuing for a decade. Studied with Mr. Debotosh Dey, an AIR Guitarist, and underwent advanced training with Pt. Shyamal Chatterjee, a sitarist. Received guidance from Tabla maestro Subhankar Banerjee, Pt. Samar Saha, Pt. Ajoy Chakroborty (Vocal), and Pt. Budhadeb Dasgupta (Sarod). Also learned to infuse Classical Music into Spanish (Western) Guitar under music composer-director Sri Madhu Mukherjee's mentorship.


Group class: 80€ per month

Individual: 140€ per month

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