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Leo Vertunni

Wednesday - Every week
Starting: 08 Nov 2023
Nov 08, 2023


First term

  1. Sitting posture
  2. Right hand strokes and basic sequences
  3. Left hand posture and fingering
  1. Relation of melody to pulse
  2. Tonal quality
  3. Elementary dynamics
  4. Jhala in a given raga
  5. Scales in a given Raga
  1. Tuning
  2. Cleaning

Second term

  1. More sequences for the right hand
  2. Krintan: left hand ornamentation on the frets
  1. Different divisions of the pulse (barabar, dugun, tigun, caugun)
  2. Introduction to Tintaal
  3. First gat in a given raga (asthai and antara)
  4. Tans (runs) related to the gat
  5. Establishing sense of tala
  1. changing strings

Third term

  1. Right hand ‘Dir’ technique: fast and vigorous strum on the main string
  2. Introduction to meend and ghasit left hand techniques: bending and slide
  1. Introduction to Jor alaap
  2. More variations in the ‘gat’ portion
  3. Final Jhala in Drut Tintaal
  1. Jawari culture and sensitivity


Group class: 80€ per month

Individual class: 140€ per month

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