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Janaki Lanza

Wednesday - Every week
Starting: 19 Oct 2022
Oct 19, 2022
Ending: 21 Dec 2022
Dec 21, 2022


I'm Janaki and welcome to the pilates classes.
I studied classical and contemporary dance for years first in the city of Rome and then in Paris and from there I became passionate and deepened more on the basics of dance and what surrounds it therefore I approached the pilates method.
Pilates was initially born as a method to help improve posture but then began to be practiced especially by dancers. Now anyone big and small, can practice it.
It is a gymnastics that strengthens and tones mind and body allowing us to obtain a flexible and strong body but at the same time helps working on our balance mastered by concentration and relaxation. Pilates allows us to know our limits and to overcome them. It makes us discover the importance of attention, concentration, control and above all the vitality of breathing.
The pilates that I am offering you is a research in finding the balance and achiving the strength of a rock and the fluidity of the water that will allow you to feel stable, conscious and confident in the abilities of your body.


Group class: 80€ per month

Individual class: 130€ per month

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