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Kinga Malec

Wednesday - Every week
Intermediate 18:00-19:00 Beginner: 19:00 - 20:00 (CET)
Starting: 08 Nov 2023
Nov 08, 2023


First term

  1. Laya and tāla
  2. Paŗhant of teentāl țhékā in barābar and dugun laya showing tāli and khāli
  1. The basic stance
  2. Nritta movements /Arm and hand movements
  3. Nritta hasta: naman, utpatti, sūchitā, samtal, pușpak - ref: Ang Kavya by Pandit Birju Maharaj
  4. Wrist movement - rotational mobility
  5. Hand and arm movements combined with tā theī theī tat footwork
  6. Ability to hold the sam through the sūchitā position
  7. Chakkar based on three steps turns maintaining central axis
  8. Tatkār - the entire sole of foot
  1. Use of the face and body to communicate narrative
  2. Naming five asamyukta hastas - ref: Abhinaya Darpana
  1. Tatkār in teentāl demonstrating the progression of tempo from barābar to dugun
  2. One țukŗā in teentāl
  3. Two tihāis in teentāl
  1. Understanding of the terms: sam, tāla, țhékā, tāli, khāli, hasta, paŗhant, toŗa / țukŗā, tihāi, laya, barābar, dugun
  2. The basic notation of teentāl țhékā
  3. A record of all nritta compositions

Second term

  1. Tatkar - ability to use the heel variation
  2. Travelling patterns in different directions, including diagonal walks
  3. Chakkar based on four and five steps turns maintaining central axis
  1. Two tihāis in teentāl
  2. Two tukŗās in teentāl
  1. One kavitt
  1. Understanding of the terms: kavitt
  2. A record of nritta and nritya compositions

Third term

  1. Ability to do the paŗhant of the nritta compositions against the background of a steady pulse
  1. Chakkar based on one, two and eight step turns
  1. A simple laŗi or tatkār ka palțā in teentāl
  1. One śloka or vandana or a simple devotional song incorporating abhinaya, with a basic understanding of the characters
  1. Understanding of the terms: vandana, lari, lehra
  2. Ability to recite śloka / vandanā/ devotional song and communicate the meaning
  3. A record of all nritta and nritya pieces with meaning


Group class: 80€ per month

Individual class: 140€ per month

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