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Illustration Techniques
Chiara Pignotti

Friday - Every week
18:00 - 19:45 CET
Starting: 17 Nov 2023
Nov 17, 2023
Ending: 30 Jun 2024
Jun 30, 2024



4 encounters to learn how to colour your illustration with watercolour and create your own palette.


Day1. Theory of colours and negative painting exercise: The Forest
Day2. Negative painting exercise with shadows: The river stones
Day3. Light/shadows and volume.
Day4. Illustration I.

Fridays, from 18:00 to 20:00
November 17, 24 and December 1, 8.

In art it is always better to buy good materials, maybe less but good quality, otherwise it will be frustrating to reach a good result. In any Fine Art shop you can find all that's needed:

A block of watercolour paper 300gr, medium or fine grain with all sides glued. 

As we will see in the first class with only the three primary colours you can reach a good palette: primary yellow, red (magenta) and blue (cyan).

If you want a basic palette I recommend to buy two different kinds of yellow, red and blue so you can reach even more colours:

For example:
Yellows: Lemon and Indian yellow;
Reds: Scarlet and Magenta;
Blues: Cyan and Prussian Blue

Extra colours: Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine Blue and black.

Usually every brush for water colours in a Fine Art store can be good. The cheapest of good quality can be the Winsor & Newton Cotman Brush. I suggest the round brush n.10 and n.14.


Workshop (4 sessions): 80€

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