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Flamenco Guitar
Miguel Czachowski

Tuesday - Every week
18:00 - 19:00 CET
Starting: 09 Jan 2024
Jan 09, 2024


First term

Second term

  1. 12-time structure 3/4-2/4. In E phyrgian mode, rasgueados, remate and falseta 1
  2. rasgueados and escobilla
  3. falseta 2, llamada
  4. falseta 3, tremolo
  1. 4-time structure 4/4 in A phhrygian mode, basic rasgueados and rhtyms
  2. rasgueados, falseta 1
  3. rasgueados, alzapua, falseta 2
  4. palpi, falseta 3, llamada, abanico

Third term

  1. 6-time structure 3/4-3/4 in E phyrgian mode. Rasgueados, abanico
  2. falseta 1
  3. falseta 2
  4. falseta 3
  1. 4-time structure, 4/4 in any key. Basic right hand rhythm structure
  2. introduction and first part
  3. second part
  4. third part
  1. 12-time structure 3/4-2/4 in A phrygian mode. Basic rhythm
  2. basic rhythm
  3. falseta 1
  4. variation of a rhythm, cierre
  5. falseta 2
  6. falseta 3, abanico
  7. falseta 4


Group class: 80€ per month

Individual class: 140€ per month

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