Alicia and the Little Star - Audio Book


 "Alicia and the Little Star" is a simple tale of a girl discovering her inner spirit and the purpose of her life.

With every life on this Earth an opportunity to learn and grow, Alicia discovers that her trip this time is all about reaching out to others and becoming connected. 

It is a story of love and the realization of the true Self.

It is a book to be shared, for children and adults alike.


In a world where "The Nothing," as explained in "The Neverending Story" of Michael Ende, tries to extend and conquer everything, the story of The Little Star gives us hope that this will not happen.

Each of us is Alicia and the trip of The Little Star is a trip inside, a joyous discovery of ourselves, of our own identity, to find out how can we be part and parcel of the whole.

Congratulations of course to the authors

Elena Oprica