Il Raccolto della Memoria 
(Harvest of memories)
Italy 2001

A community theatre project funded by the Province of Pavia, Italy.
120 cast and crew recruited from the local population

held over two weekends in June 2001

Three original productions researched, written, directed by Monia Giovannangeli and Victor Vertunni

Stage Designer: Gunter Thurner

Costumes: Antonio and Antonietta Giovannangeli

Performances of:

Il Medico del Villagio

La Società della Luna

Giovannino Senza Paura


Project Title: La Raccolta della Memoria , a dramatisation of local history and culture.
Funded by The Province of Pavia Culture Department

Place: Voghera, Province of Pavia , Italy

Coordinators: Monia Giovannangeli and Victor Vertunni di Albanella

Participants: Local citizens, families and  80 primary, middle and secondary school pupils
To involve members of the community in the re-discovery and celebration of local cultural heritage, customs and traditions and natural values.

Method of Execution:
Research of local history and documentation from libraries; interviewing senior citizens;
collaboration with music teachers, composers and musicians.

Three productions performed on a stage in the town square:
La “Società della Luna” which included local historical figures during the Risorgimento
Discovery and use of theatrical text by local 18th author: ‘Il Medico del Villaggio’ 

Adaptation of  ‘Giovannino’  a commedia dell’arte play for young children