Alexandra Maitland Hume - UK / IT

Before graduating from Plymouth University with BA Hons in Theatre Arts and Performance, Alexandra performed in Toby Gogh’s Linneus Prince of Flowers, which was awarded a Fringe First at the Edinburgh Festival, and Terry Wright’s Song of Songs, which toured Ireland, including the Gallway Festival. Alexandra is one of TEV’s founding members and played Beraldine in The Imaginary Invalid. In between touring in Europe and India, she appeared in the film version of La Boheme for Music Theatre of London, played Clenna in Baloopa’s Journey – a TEV production for schools – and had a leading role in The Betrayed Prophet. Alexandra moved to Italy in 2002, where she continues to appear in both English- and Italian-language productions. Her most recent roles include a devil and the Romantic artist  Richnmond in William Blake's Divine Humanity, performed at The New Player's Theatre in London 2007.

As Demon and Richmond in William Blake's Divine Humanity - The New Player's Theatre, London 2007