Andreas van Engelen

Andreas is a Dutch Composer and Sound designer.
Originally a trumpet player, he morphed through piano and keyboards mentored by Elisabeth, Otto and Manuel Cooymans and the musicology department of the University of Amsterdam, into a full-time electronic composer and sound engineer.

Main achievements: various electronic music bands. (pop) 'On Wings' (pieces for piano), 'Mary Magdalen Passion' (chamber oratory), 'Muse of the New Era' (multi-ethnic music theatre) and most of the soundtrack for TEV's William Blake's Divine Humanity and Eternity in an Hour.


Composing for TEV

"If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend six hours sharpening my ax".

Spending days and hours gathering and preparing a plethora of sounds, instruments and sound processing tools fit for working on location. TEV's art director Tim Bruce and Monia Giovannangeli had the best way of describing what they wanted to hear I ever had the joy working with. Large parts of the 2 soundtracks for 'Eternity in an hour' and 'William Blake's Divine Humanity' were inserted without any edit (other than timing) and those that needed direction were given in such a descriptive manner that they passed upon second proposal. I cannot stop praising one of the actresses soprano vocal quality. Eva-Maria Neubauer who contributed a lot!

Working in London for the 'Divine Humanity' (First Belgium, then Italy then London),  the vivid ideas of director Eric Loren, enhanced the soundscapes with a multitude of 'synced' voice-overs. Though the final processing of theatre music and sound design is a detailed process, initial ideas came in almost one continuous flow. The last piece was conceived after the studio had already been taken down and was born at the very last moment. Inspired by one of the actors: 'One can never blame the situation for one's performance' and that very piece was made in a corridor with  slamming doors and ongoing cellphone calls - It is the quietest piece I had the pleasure of making, ever.

Andreas van Engelen