Born in Norfolk, Nebraska, Kristine started her theatre career as a child actress. At the age of 13, she joined the British ‘Little Theatre’ in Arusha, Tanzania, and enjoyed playing both Lady MacBeth and one of the three witches in MacBeth, an American mother in Thornton Wilder’s Happy Journey (British Little Theatre), and a woman spy in a hilariously overacted melodrama.  She later studied concert piano and drama at Wittenberg University, Ohio, acting in various productions, especially enjoying the masked recreation of Euripedes’ The Trojan Women.  In Toronto, she acted in early Factory Theatre Lab workshops and in Theatre Passe Muraille (I Had It But It’s All Gone Now, Vampires).  Earning an M.A. degree in dramatic literature (University of Toronto), she was inspired by the spiritual perspective of medieval Noh theatre and by the newly created Theatre of Eternal Values. With TEV Canada, she played Gretchen in Faust, co-hosted at the Blah-Di-Dha Film Festival and is the narrator, as well as the script adaptor, for TEV’s audio-play, The Light Princess.