Deborah Eckman (UK)

A native Londoner, Deborah Eckman trained as an actress and singer and has been a member of TEV since its inception in 1996. She played Louison, the youngest daughter of Argan, in their first production of Molière‘s The Imaginary Invalid, which toured extensively throughout Europe, in India, and also at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  Following that, she spent time in Nagpur, India studying Classical Indian Vocal and pursued this train of thought with trips to the US and Canada to study with Indian vocalist Shweta Jhaveri.  During this period, she also continued acting, especially in Vancouver, where she appeared in a number of productions including Noel Coward’s  Relative Values and a new musical, DREGS. 

In 2007, she appeared as Satan in TEV’s production of William Blake's Divine Humanity and composed a new tune for Blake’s most famous poem, ‘Jerusalem’ which featured in both that production and the touring version, Eternity in an Hour  and also in TEV Austria’s production of Mahabharata.  As a voiceover artist, she has provided narration for films, adverts and several audio books and is currently working with London based charity, using her voice for their software app to teach English in developing countries.   Since 2014, Deborah has been performing in TEV’s current production, Shakespeare’s Women portraying the role of Joan of Arc as well as, conversely, Bottom from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. 

When not in actor mode, Deborah writes and records her own songs and frequently plays live, wherever she happens to be in the world, as well as performing on other artists’ recordings.  She released a single, Dust in 2013 under her own label, Dragon Elm Records.