THE LIGHT PRINCESS  (Audio Production)

Canada 2007

Music: Glenn Pattison
Cast: Julie Mandal, Nitish Mandal, Howard Swinson, Kristine Pearson, Krassimira Downey, Glenn Pattison, Roark Andrade, Gita Pattison, Yogesh Mandal, introducing Divya Mandal as the Baby Princess.


The King and Queen, childless for many years, are blessed with the birth of a daughter, a beautiful princess. At her christening, the King forgets to invite his evil sister, the Princess Makemnoit, who therefore curses the new little princess with the loss of gravity. How will the royal family deal with a princess who floats out the window at every gust of wind?  Will a Prince ever consider marrying her?  Or be able to catch her?  Enjoy her story in TEV Canada’s adaptation of one of George MacDonald’s most delightful fairy stories.

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