2006 TEV - Austria 

Written by Steve Jones
With: Eva Maria Neubauer, Vanessa Payer-Kumar, Boris Heinrich


Friends had its opening night in May in Chalfon St. Peter, UK was performed at Stadtinitiative Theatre, Vienna.

Forerunner of ‘Hero and Zero’ 'Friends' is a four 'man' comedy about a protagonist who is trying to achieve a state of inner serenity through meditation but instead finds himself in the middle of a humurous tug-of-war battle between the 'personalities' (Friends) inside his own head i.e. the conflict between his Ego/Super-Ego and his inner Spirit

Initially his ego i.e. his identity, his ambition, his self-confidence is constantly battling with his Super-Ego i.e. his past, his guilt, his fears and low self esteem, but, as the play develops the Ego and Super-Ego team up against our protagonist and only after making a real connection to his inner Spirit (played by Christina Treffny) does he finally find inner peace.