BLAH-DI-DAH Film Festival

2004–Toronto, Canada

with: Julie Mandal, Kristine Pearson, Jeanette Belgourari and Gita Pattison


Films: "The Amazing Zen Machine" by Ziya Dikbas

          "Tango ist (m)ein Leben (My life is Tango)" by Barbara Luzi

          "Futuropolis" by Phil Trumbo

          "Coloured Folks" by Roark Andrade

          "Blaue Wueste (blue Dessert)" by Caroline Dassel/Babette Koci

          "Cool Spirit" by Bjoern Kurt

Don't look for the red thread in the story - because you won't find one. What you will find is a joyful potpourri of skits and flicks. Animations, comedies, documentaries, music and live theatre which have no other purpose than to tickle your soul, fill you with joy and make you forget all worries and problems for a while
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