We believe that theatre is part of a complete human education.

Theatre in education is an invaluable tool for developing cognitive, behavioural, communicative and creative abilities. Since its inception TEV has worked closely with teachers and young people in schools, colleges and universities in Austria, Italy and the UK, providing hands-on training and production expertise in a broad range of educational projects.

What the teachers say:
‘Our school took a group of IB Theatre Arts students and teachers to the performance of Eternity in an Hour, where we all experienced an evening of great artistic merit. Not only was it a wonderful opportunity for students to see professional actors on stage, as a genuine piece of ensemble theatre, it drew on all the ideas of the ensemble technique which is a feature of our own programme at school...

The workshop which followed provided a hands-on practical experience which every one thoroughly enjoyed. The students were totally involved with the work they were asked to do and it was an excellent learning experience for all.’
J. M.  Head of Creative and Performing Arts

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TEV Performances for schools and Universities

Eternity in an Hour was performed at The University of  Basle and followed by a workshop called: 'Energy is Eternal Delight' attended by international baccalaureate students.

Baloopa’s Journey, produced with sponsorship by the Arts Council of Great Britain, was created especially for a young audience.It is a colourful fantasy piece which looks at the challenging subjects of spirituality, ritual and belief systems in a drive to help reinforce the basic values in young people, such as love, respect, tolerance and self-awareness.The performance’s impact was reinforced through theatre workshops.

The Imaginary Invalid  was featured, with the patronage of the Austrian Ministry of Education, as a curricular presentation in 21 Austrian schools in conjunction with drama workshops.

Workshops in schools
TEV members have conducted hundreds of workshops with thousands of children since its inception in 1996.

Student Productions
Childhood memories are often marked by the magical or traumatic memory of school plays. When showing off gives way to sharing the space and creative complicity, and panic and hesitation to self-confidence, fluidity of movement and verve, then a production has fulfilled its educational objectives.

Example of project:

1999 – Italy

Project Title: Dramatisation of The Mahabharata (Indian Epic) Funded byMinistry of Public Instruction

Place: Valmorea Middle School, Como Italy

Participants: 2 classes , 50 pupils

Devised & Directed by: Monia Giovannangeli and Victor Vertunni di Albanella

To broaden awareness of  different cultures through the study and staging an Indian Epic. Identify, where evident, the common ethical and moral values that are present.

Programme Content:

Method of Execution.
Multi-disciplinary collaboration between music, language , art and physical education departments
Theatre workshops
Reading of text and examination of major themes
Elaboration of script
Exploration of characters and situations
Use of chorus to narrate story
Design and creation of Scenery
Composition of music

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