Principal: Monia Giovanangeli

Established in 2001in Voghera, Pavia. Now in Piacenza, Italy.

The current members of TEV Youth theatre company are the second generation of young performers that Monia Giovannangeli has trained. Initially formed from the cast of community theatre project Il Raccolto della Memoria 2001 and her pupils from workshops held at a number local schools, TEV Youth has become a young theatre company in its own right.


La Locandiera  by Carlo Goldoni

Arsenico e Vecchie Merletti  (see web album)

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Una Notte Di Mezz' Estate  W. Shakespeare


I've been acting and doing workshops in TEV Youth for five years.While working on comedies and on tragedies I have experienced  the  sense of freedom that acting can give you, whether  performing on stage or improvising in a workshop. I guess the method we followed during these years was aimed towards a personal exploration of ourselves and the experience of collective dynamics in order to get a deeper understanding of human beings, both as a source of inspiration and personal catharsis. All this led to a true means of expression on stage...and a liberation of our personalities in real life.'   (Leo Vertunni )