HANS CRISTIAN ANDERSEN (performed in German) 

2005 Austria

"He unveiled the face of Denmark; he not only spoke and wrote in the language of his country but in a language which was understood and reponded to everywhere in the world: the language of the human heart" (Victor Schmitz)

Lean back, enjoy tea and cookies, and embrace Andersen’s multi-layered world . True love, snappy skits, lots of humour and a unique use of language made the Danish poet who wrote 158 fairy tales world famous. 

Based on Dorthe Rose Svastha's new translation, "Theatre of Eternal Values" interprets the timeless stories from our childhood.  Nine actors perform in the traditional method for Andersen's works -- quiet readings, interspersed with moments of joyful play. An enjoyable experience for adults and (not so small) children

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